Bill Williams landed in the Washington, DC area, sliding straight onto stage right, some two decades ago, Since then, Bill has stirred the souls of DC-metro roots-rock aficionados with his versatile instrumental work and lock-tight vocal harmonies in several Wammie-winning, bar-packing ensembles. His forthcoming release, "Handful," is Bill's first solo effort, showcasing not only his considerable talents, but those of several of his longtime co-conspirators from Last Train Home, Kevin Johnson and the Linemen, and the Grandsons.

Arriving in the DC area in the mid-80's, Bill split his time (and, at times, personality) between his own pop-rock band the InVoices, and the award-winning a cappella group The Tone Rangers. These early exploits brought him into contact with a circle of like-minded friends that include Kevin Johnson, Eric Brace, Scott McKnight and other DC-area notables.

Bill was one of the charter members of Kevin Johnson and the Linemen in the early-90s. His guitar work, harmonies and songwriting were featured prominently on Johnson's "Memphis for Breakfast," "Rest of Your Life," "Purple Album," and "Parole Music" releases; "Rest of Your Life" scored a 1995 Best Recording Wammie. During his tenure with the Linemen, Bill worked closely with Eric Brace as he developed and refined an assembly of tunes and talents that ultimately became Last Train Home ? another winner of several Wammies. Bill's decade-long association with LTH inspired some of the finest noises of his career. His songwriting, instrumental and vocal talents can be heard throughout LTH releases "Last Train Home," "True North," "Holiday Limited," "Travelogue," "Tributaries," "Time and Water," and "Bound Away."

Bill's recorded work has also included cameo appearances with DC's Grandsons on "Party with the Rich," and with other top performers on "Americana Motel" a collection of top Americana Artists, doing new versions of each other's songs. His melancholy rendition of Neil Young?s ?Flying on the Ground is Wrong? is featured on "Five Way Street: A Tribute to Buffalo Springfield" a must-hear for devoted Springfield buffs.

In recent years, Bill has been spotted lending an occasional guitar-slinging hand to One Horse Town. Bill is currently a lead guitarist and backing vocalist in the stable of Little Pink, fronted by the extraordinarily talented singer-songwriter Mary Battiata.

Bill's forthcoming solo release, "Handful," is a collection of work drawing on his broad range and diverse background including original rock, pop, and bluegrass compositions. Scott McKnight, along with Naughty Pine's bassist, Tony Flagg, and drummer, Steve Woerhle, provide the bulk of the musical support to this CD. Also featured is the stellar playing of the Grandsons' Chris Watling (saxophone, accordion) and Last Train Home's Dave Van Allen (pedal steel), among others.