Great news! I have a website! I decided to make my presence known on the all powerful Internet. Feel free to hang out and check the site out. There's free downloads, schedules, and other good stuff.... Click on "More news" for details about my goings on, and more!

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Wammies! I was very fortunate to have been nominated for 4 Wammie (Washington Area Music Association) awards this year. I attended the big award show last Sunday and, while I didn't win in any of my nominated categories, it pleased me no end to have my name up there with a lot of DC musicians that I have enjoyed and respected for many years



From OnTap Online: "Guitarist Williams has about the longest DC Americana résumé around. After 20 years of playing with seemingly every alt-country band in town, this is the first time he’s putting out his own disc, a mix of covers and originals decorated with his precise playing and smooth, friendly voice"

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